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"At this mature stage of my life, with deeper self-awareness and spiritual introspection, I've decided to listen to my intuition. This inner voice urges me to embrace the unknown, with self-expression and love for art as my guiding forces. Welcome to my adventure and the world I've created, where transformation is the only constant."


Susana Vidal, a Venezuelan artist now residing in Texas, has traversed a unique path from law to the arts. With a lifelong passion for creativity, her artistic journey is marked by an exploration of various mediums, from culinary arts to polymer clay jewelry.


Now, embracing her true calling, Vidal ventures into painting, guided by intuition and a deep, introspective journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Her work invites viewers into her transformative process, where art becomes a medium of personal expression and connection.

Vidal’s approach to art is unbound by perfect techniques or formal studies; she is all about storytelling through her canvases. With a fearless and tenacious spirit, she pours her imaginative world into her paintings, embracing each piece as a narrative journey. Proudly self-taught, she believes in the power of art to convey stories and emotions, letting nothing stand in her way of materializing her vision. Her artistry is a testament to the belief that true expression transcends conventional boundaries, inviting us all to see the world through her eyes.

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